“Hopefully I won’t need an estate planning attorney!” . . . No, hopefully you will.

On more than one occasion, when we have spoken to people we encounter on a daily basis about what we do – the random stranger we are speaking with might respond with something along the lines of “hopefully I won’t ever need an estate plan, but in case I do, can I have one of your cards?”

Often when this happens I don’t know how to respond because (1) I am so caught off guard that I don’t feel like launching in to why they probably do need some sort of plan in place and (2) being a Southerner, I don’t know how to politely remind people that we all will, in fact, die.

But seriously y’all – let’s hope we all “need” to have an estate plan in place. Let us all hope that when that day does come (very far off in the distant future) we have loved ones we want to give our assets to, have assets to give, and aren’t so apathetic that we are happy to let the government decide what to do with our things and where our minor children should live.

As a result of these recent conversations, we have included some basic information below. Our hope is that this will begin the process of helping to clear up any confusion for those who don’t understand when it’s appropriate to start planning.

As always, if you have questions about estate planning, or think it is time to put an estate plan in place, reach out to an attorney. We are always happy to speak with you about this in more detail.